What does 5 10 thread mean?

  • January 22 | Jeremy Lin

The vapes consist of two components, the cartridge and the battery, and connect via a screw thread. 510 is the technical term for the connecting thread style. If you want to get precise, ten connecting threads space five millimetres apart, which is why it’s called a ‘510’ cartridge or battery. 510 thread is the most often used connection type for vape cartridges. The number “510” indicates that there are 10 threads, each measuring 0.5 mm.

What does 5 10 thread mean?
“510” refers to the screw threads on the battery that the cannabis oil cartridges can screw onto. It’s 10 threads at 5mm. This type of threaded connection quickly the standard for most cannabis vape pens and e-cigs, which make it easier to use different cartridges and pens as you like.

Pulsar Payout 2.0 510 Cartridge Vape Battery Review

  • December 7 | Jeremy Lin
UNBOXING & REVIEW Pulsar 510 Payout 2.0 Vape Cartridge Battery – BoyYouTrippinG Tv

Pulsal 510 battery Features & Specs

Pulsar 510 Payout 2.0 Vape Cartridge Battery Tech Specs:
Variable voltage range (1.8-4.2V)
Universal 510 threading.
LED display screen.
Cartridge connection indicator.
Puff counter.
15 second preheat function (1.8V)
5 minute automatic shut-off.

The Pulsar Payout 2.0 features universal 510 threading, making it compatible with most standard-sized vape cartridges. But that’s not all – we’ve got your back even with oversized oil cartridges. The included collar adapter ensures that no opportunity is missed, no cartridge is left behind.

The Pulsar Payout 2.0 is the ideal device for users looking for a reliable, portable battery.

How To Use Pulsar Payout 2.0?

Connect the Payout 2.0 to the USB-C charge cable and to a power source. Fully charge the device before use, approximately 1.5 hours. Disconnect from the power source before using.
Click the power button 5 times to turn on. (If you click it once, the Payout 2.0 will remind you to click 5 times to turn it on)
Screw in your 510-threaded cartridge, until the display indicates that the cartridge is successfully attached. If using a wider cartridge, first screw in the collar adapter, then insert the cartridge.
Click the power button twice to activate the pre-heat function (1.8V for 15 seconds).
Use the PLUS PULSAR 510 Payout 2 0 Cartridge Battery – icon 1 or MINUS PULSAR 510 Payout 2 0 Cartridge Battery – icon 2 buttons to set your preferred voltage, between 1.8 and 4.2V.
Hold down the power button to fire the vape, for up to 15 seconds at a time, and draw from the cartridge mouthpiece. After 15 seconds, the battery will stop firing. Repeat as desired.
After use, click the power button 5 times to turn off and extend the life of your battery. The Payout 2.0 will turn off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.
♠ Puff Counter: The puff counter will go up every time you fire the vape, (even if you take multiple puffs). Using the pre-heat function does not activate the puff counter. To reset the puff counter, hold down the PLUS and MINUS buttons simultaneously.
♠ Battery Level Indicator: While charging, the OLED screen will display the battery level. If charging while off, the battery square will flash to show the current level and the screen will automatically shut off after 5 seconds. To check the battery level, simply press the power button.
♠ Lanyard: Attach the included lanyard using the lanyard hole, and take your Payout 2.0 almost anywhere!

DynaVap 101: Mastering Your M Plus for Maximum Flavor and Fun

  • December 5 | Jeremy Lin

The DynaVap M Plus is a legendary vaporizer for a reason. It’s portable, powerful, and delivers smooth, flavorful hits. But mastering this little beast takes a bit of know-how. Fear not, fellow vaporents! This guide will walk you through the essential steps, from deciphering those clicks to torching your herb to perfection. Here is a video about Dynavap 101:

Listen to the Clicks: Your DynaVap’s Secret Language

The clicks are your DynaVap’s way of telling you what’s up. Pay close attention, or risk burning your precious herb.

  • First Click: Time to puff! The M Plus is at peak vaping temperature. Don’t keep heating – one click is all it takes.
  • Second Click: Cool down time. The M Plus has dropped below vaping temperature. Wait for this click before reheating, or you’ll be saying goodbye to tasty vapor.

Mastering the Torch: Your M Plus’s Power Source

Torch lighters are your M Plus’s best friend. Sure, other heat sources work, but they’re slow and won’t unlock the full potential of your vape.

  • Single Flame for Control: Prefer a slow, even heat-up? A single flame offers precise control, perfect for savoring the nuances of your herb.
  • Multiple Flames for Speed: Need faster heat times? Go for a double, triple, or even quad flame torch. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility (don’t torch your herb!).

Filling Your Torch: Don’t let a cold M Plus hold you back!

  1. Flip your torch upside down.
  2. Press your butane tank firmly into the filling hole for 4-5 seconds. Stop when the filling stops.
  3. Hold the torch for 30 seconds to let it reach room temperature.
  4. Adjust the flame to its lowest setting without flickering.

Grind It Up: Consistency is Key

Your M Plus is a versatile beast, handling most grinds with ease. But there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Too fine? It might pass through the screen, leaving you with a not-so-pleasant surprise.
  • Too chunky? You might need to stir it mid-session for even heating.

A two- or four-piece grinder is usually your best bet.

Packing Your M Plus: It’s All About the Herb

  1. Remove the cap and fill the chamber to the brim with your ground-up goodness.
  2. Use a small scoop or the tip itself to pack it in gently. Don’t overpack, or you’ll restrict airflow.
  3. Tamp it lightly to settle the herbs, then pop the cap back on. You’re ready to roll!

Heating Up Your M Plus: The Dance of Fire and Herb

This is where the magic happens! Grab your M Plus and torch lighter:

  1. Turn on the torch and hold the cap in the blue halo of the flame – that’s where it’s hottest.
  2. Rotate the M Plus slowly, like an herb rotisserie, for even heating. Don’t point the flame directly at the tip, you want to kiss the sides.
  3. Aim the flame at a 45-degree angle, starting from the base and moving towards the mouthpiece.

You’re in Control: Finding Your Perfect Temperature

Remember, you control the temperature! Move the flame closer or further away from the tip to find your sweet spot:

  • Cooler vapor? Keep the flame further out for gentle, flavorful hits.
  • Warmer vapor? Bring the flame closer to the mouthpiece for denser clouds.

Hitting It Just Right: Inhaling the Flavor

Once you hear that click, it’s time to puff! Put the mouthpiece to your lips and take a slow, steady draw.

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Feather the airport with your finger to control the airflow. More covered = thicker hits, less covered = airier draws. Adjust throughout your hit to find your perfect flow.

Cool Down and Repeat: Savoring Your Sessions

Wait for that second click before diving back in. Patience is a virtue, especially with your M Plus.

  • Ready for another hit? Fire it up again!
  • Need a break? Leave it be until you’re ready.
  • Want to unload? Let it cool completely, then gently tap out the spent herbs.

DynaVap Mastery: It’s a Journey, Not a Destination

Experiment, have fun, and don’t be afraid to get creative! The DynaVap M Plus is yours to explore. With these tips and a little practice.

SKE Crystal Plus review – Gary Vapes

  • December 5 | Jeremy Lin

The new SKE Crystal Plus Airflow Adjustment Edition features a button on the base of the device to allow consumers to set the airflow to their own preferences.

How long does the Ske Crystal Plus last?
around three to four days
This system makes the SKE Crystal Plus much more environmentally-friendly (and cost-effective) than disposables. Each pod contains 2 millilitres of e liquid and gives you up to 600 puffs. For an average vaper, this is enough to last around three to four days.

The Crystal Plus pod kit is a compact device that looks, feels and vapes like an SKE Crystal Bar disposable vape. The battery can be recharged and works with SKE Crystal Plus prefilled pods that are available in a variety of 15 popular flavours (pods sold separately).

SKE Crystal Plus review – Gary Vapes

GZUZ HHC – Diposable Vape

  • November 29 | Jeremy Lin

The GZUZ HHC disposable vape is not only outstanding in taste, but also extremely practical. With its handy design, it fits effortlessly in your pocket or handbag, so you can take your vaping pleasure with you wherever you go. The automatic draw allows for easy and smooth vaping without complicated settings. Just inhale and enjoy the full flavour!

This disposable vape cartridge offers a wide range of flavours to suit your individual preferences. Whether you crave relaxing indica effects, energising sativa effects or a balanced hybrid experience, the GZUZ HHC Disposable Vape has something for everyone.

Who is GZUZ?
Gzuz, real name Kristoffer Jonas Klauß, is a German rapper. He is a member of the Hamburg hip-hop group “187 Straßenbande”. The group is known for their provocative lyrics and street style and has a significant influence in the German rap scene.

Gzuz was born on June 29, 1988 and grew up in Hamburg. He became known through his membership in the “187 Street Gang” and through his solo music projects. The group and Gzuz personally are known for their direct and often controversial lyrics. However, Gzuz also struggled with legal problems and was repeatedly involved in run-ins with the law.

How many puffs are in a CanaPuff vape?

  • November 29 | Jeremy Lin

How many puffs are in a CanaPuff vape?
The volume of the built-in cartridge is 1 ml. The battery capacity is 350 mAh and will last you at least for 250 puffs on one charge. In total, the refill will last you at least for 450 puffs. CanaPuff disposable HHC vape pens are rechargeable but not refillable.

Everything you need to know about the Cake Glow E-Rig – Chrissy Harless

  • November 27 | Jeremy Lin

CAKE HAS A RIG?! | everything you need to know about the Cake Glow E-Rig

Chrissy Harless

Omg it’s so cute!!! I need it. But I can also see cake over pricing this. Can’t wait to see. I love how this comes apart. My puff co has reclaim stuck in corners and stuff and I hate it this looks like it will clean really nicely

Cake Glow Review by Brainbuzz Cannabis 2.0 Reviews

  • November 27 | Jeremy Lin

Detailed device review: Glow e-Rig by Cake – use with concentrates (dab) and Cake’s custom carts

Brainbuzz Cannabis 2.0 Reviews

The Cake Glow device has 4 temp settings 2200mah battery and a reverse airflow atomizer.

– Pre-heat setting (double click)
– Grey air flow button on front (acts as a carb)
– Snap apart configuration and reclaim tray at bottom for easy cleaning.

Is the Stonesmiths’ Slash discreet?

  • November 3 | Jeremy Lin

Is the Stonesmiths’ Slash discreet? At 13cm (H) × 7.5cm (W) × and 6cm in length, the Slash is super portable, coming in at just over 300g. It fits in your hand well and can be hidden almost entirely in public.

What are the heat settings on Stonesmith slash?
Temperature Flexibility

The Slash has 3 different voltage settings to work with – blue is low, green is medium, and red is high.

What is the best heat setting for a vape?
Overlooking the role temperature plays in your vaping experience can cause discomfort or decrease the flavor, and you want to avoid both of those mistakes. In simple terms, the perfect temperature is between 390 and 490 degrees Fahrenheit or 199 and 255 degrees Celsius.

All Feedbacks on Coldfire Cartridges 2024

  • November 2 | Jeremy Lin

California’s Most Flavorful Cannabis Extract Company | Michelin Star Rated Experience with ColdFire.

Blue cookies x Sunset Sherb, 2 bangers. this strain is fire asf strong effects and great taste. I turn my Yocan Kodo Pro up to 2.3V on the back end of my carts just to get fat clouds and I’ve never burnt one.

smells sweet/weedy even before popping it open, the taste is sweet with more of a cannabis taste mixed in as you smoke it.

Careless-Mouse1519’s feedback on Coldfire Cartridges:
My all time fav CF cart is Triple Lindy. I’ve bought it 3 times before. I need to find this one!

🔥 Fruity Inhale with that Pine/Gassy exhale Forsure Smooth Indica

uooce vape