GZUZ HHC – Diposable Vape

  • November 29 | Jeremy Lin

The GZUZ HHC disposable vape is not only outstanding in taste, but also extremely practical. With its handy design, it fits effortlessly in your pocket or handbag, so you can take your vaping pleasure with you wherever you go. The automatic draw allows for easy and smooth vaping without complicated settings. Just inhale and enjoy the full flavour!

This disposable vape cartridge offers a wide range of flavours to suit your individual preferences. Whether you crave relaxing indica effects, energising sativa effects or a balanced hybrid experience, the GZUZ HHC Disposable Vape has something for everyone.

Who is GZUZ?
Gzuz, real name Kristoffer Jonas Klauß, is a German rapper. He is a member of the Hamburg hip-hop group “187 Straßenbande”. The group is known for their provocative lyrics and street style and has a significant influence in the German rap scene.

Gzuz was born on June 29, 1988 and grew up in Hamburg. He became known through his membership in the “187 Street Gang” and through his solo music projects. The group and Gzuz personally are known for their direct and often controversial lyrics. However, Gzuz also struggled with legal problems and was repeatedly involved in run-ins with the law.

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