SKE Crystal Plus review – Gary Vapes

  • December 5 | Jeremy Lin

The new SKE Crystal Plus Airflow Adjustment Edition features a button on the base of the device to allow consumers to set the airflow to their own preferences.

How long does the Ske Crystal Plus last?
around three to four days
This system makes the SKE Crystal Plus much more environmentally-friendly (and cost-effective) than disposables. Each pod contains 2 millilitres of e liquid and gives you up to 600 puffs. For an average vaper, this is enough to last around three to four days.

The Crystal Plus pod kit is a compact device that looks, feels and vapes like an SKE Crystal Bar disposable vape. The battery can be recharged and works with SKE Crystal Plus prefilled pods that are available in a variety of 15 popular flavours (pods sold separately).

SKE Crystal Plus review – Gary Vapes
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