Vaping 101: Some Tips for Vaping Safety

  • January 24 | Jeremy Lin

No charger swapping. Only use the charger Yocan vape came with.
Daytime charging only. Don’t charge your vape at night while you’re sleeping.
Drop your vape into your reusable water bottle? Replace the batteries anytime they get wet.
Don’t let the batteries come into contact with anything metal.
Look for e-cigarettes with safety features, like an automatic shutoff feature when the battery is fully charged.

Buy good quality juice. Pre-packed juice from a large, US company is probably safe and probably contains what it says it does, but do you know what that stuff is?
Keep your vape to yourself.
“Mod” at your own risk.
Don’t spill when re-filling!
Use your head.

How to reduce your battery explosion risk, source:

Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer Introduce

  • January 23 | Jeremy Lin

What is Yocan Evolve Plus XL?

The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is a cutting-edge all-in-one that offers the utmost of convenience for quick and discreet sessions on the go.It is compact and discreet, fits in the palm of your hand. A true pocket friendly XL vaporizer pen.

Yocan Evolve Plus XL Magnetic Connection Feature

Magnetic connection between the atomizer tube and base. No more sticky thread to screw on or off, the Evolve Plus XL introduces a modern vaporizer design with Magnetic Connection between atomizer and base, saving your time. It is an evolution forward in vaping, improving all the ways that a vaporizer is used every day.

Yocan Evolve Plus XL Coil

The Evolve Plus XL features a unique quad coil technology by using 4 quartz rod coils, made for giant clouds and hits with quartz allowing for pure and clean vapor that maintains the original scents and flavors, as preferred by many vapers. Coil caps (Included With Starter Kits But NOT With Coil Packs – Sold Separately) prevent messy leaks.

Yocan Evolve Plus XL Adjustable Airflow

Adjustable airflow valve lets you customize and control the amount of vapor being inhaled to optimize your experience. Meet the demands of any type of user whether you’re new or advanced. You can choose how you want your vaporizer to hit.

Yocan Evolve Plus XL Battery and Note

Recommended Power Setting: 25WYocan Evolve Plus XL Battery Specs: Battery Voltage: 3.8V (when fully charged) – Battery Wattage: 25W (when fully charged)

PLEASE NOTE: “Evolve” and “Evolve Plus” (and Evolve Plus XL, etc.) parts and pens are different items and not interchangeable – please carefully select the correct accessories/parts to match your specific vaporizer (Evolve parts for Evolve Pens, Evolve Plus XL parts for Evolve Plus XL pens, etc.) source: torontohemp

Vaping 101: Yocan UNI vaporizer box mod – BIGGWURM

  • January 23 | Jeremy Lin

Yocan UNI vaporizer box mod is the world’s first universal width and height adjustable box mod that will work with all the oil atomizers. What’s going on everybody BIGGWURM here with a new review on a THC/CBD mod. This mod is one of the most well known 510 thread mods out there… the YoCan Uni! THC/CBD Mod Review – YoCan Uni Thanks @BIGGWURM

Charging Vaping Tips of your Yocan Stix

  • January 22 | Jeremy Lin

Charging Vaping Tips of your Yocan Stix
Charging the Yocan STIX

Before using the Yocan STIX for the first time, it’s a good idea to fully charge the battery. To charge the battery, a micro-usb charging cord is needed. This cord is not included with the pen (must be purchased separately). The Yocan STIX takes about two hours to charge when the battery is low.
No charging cord: The Yocan STIX didn’t come with a cord to charge the battery. A separately purchased micro-USB cord is needed to charge the pen.
The Yocan STIX vape pen doesn’t come with a charging cord. Almost any micro-USB cord can be used.
The micro-USB charging port is located on the bottom of the Yocan STIX battery.

Yocan Stix leak-proof juice vape pen – Puff Puff Pass It TV

  • January 22 | Jeremy Lin

Yocan STIX is a discreet vape pen designed for juice, super-efficient and leak proof. Here’s a short video tutorial for the brand new STIX Vape Pen Mod from Yocan Technologies.

Simple, elegant , super-efficient and leak proof , the STIX is a discreet vape pen designed for juice and oil concentrates. Offering up great flavor and crystal smooth texture . Remarkably ease of use . STIX VAPE PEN TUTORIAL! The new ultra lightweight vape mod from Yocan Thanks @Puff Puff Pass It TV

Yocan Stix Flavor Quality Discussion

  • January 21 | Jeremy Lin

Yocan Stix Flavor Quality Discussion

Yocan STIX Starter Vape Pen Kit is a discreet vape pen designed for juice.
Thanks to the ceramic coils which are used to vaporize your oils the flavors are nicely preserved and come through very well.

One thing to note about how the Yocan Stix vapes is that its far from the large airflow designs that e-cigarettes employ.

In contrast, the Yocan Stix uses a restrictive almost tighter than mouth-to-lung airflow system which results in a very rich, dense vaping experience depending on your chosen. Source:

Yocan Evolve 2.0 a vaporizer fit for both medical and recreational use

  • January 21 | vape

Vaporizers that run on the pod-based system are often used for thin and runny materials like nicotine-based e-liquids. Pod vaporizers earned a reputation and gained popularity as smoking cessation devices. You can free the pod-based system from this limitation and made it so that waxy oil concentrates and cannabinoid-infused materials can be used in this platform. What was once a restricted system can now accommodate more potent materials thanks to Yocan. You now have a pod vaporizer you can use with your medical concentrates making the Yocan Evolve 2.0 a vaporizer fit for both medical and recreational use. Source:

JUUL Labs is launching an “adult education campaign”

  • January 21 | vape

The ads will appear on cable networks after prime time, and are carefully adult-oriented. The three commercials that are featured in the campaign show ex-smokers “describing the impact switching from cigarettes has had on their lives,” according to JUUL Labs. None of the participants look even close to being under 30. JUUL Labs is launching an “adult education campaign” that will include $10 million in TV advertising. Source: NEW JUUL LABS ADULT EDUCATION CAMPAIGN