Yocan Magneto Compact and Convenient Vape Pen Review

  • November 26 | Jeremy Lin

There are many dry herb vaporizers on the market, which one is the compact vape pen? This post we are going to discuss a super compact dry herb vaporizer, it’s Yocan Magneto. Here we go.

Yocan Magneto Compact and Convenient Vape Pen Review

Yocan Magneto: Compact and Convenient

The Yocan Magneto is a vape pen that has some cool built-in features but awesome performance. Find out why in the full review. The Yocan Magneto wax vape is perfect for wax connoisseurs. Its dual layer ceramic coil is designed to get the best vapor out of wax and similar concentrates. While both quartz and ceramic coils provide excellent flavor, some connoisseurs argue ceramic coils provide slightly better flavor and smoother vapor. The Magneto features an internal storage container. Its top cap snaps off with a magnetic connection and the coil caps feature a built-in dab tool. The Magneto utilizes ceramic miracle-style coils but is also compatible with the hard-hitting and long-lasting Quartz Elite coils.

How does the Yocan magneto work?

The Yocan Magneto is a wax and concentrates vaporizer with single-button functioning. It uses an internal 1100mAh battery as its power source and has a USB charging port on its front. The Magneto uses a multi-phase ceramic coil that first melts concentrates material, then vaporizes it.

How long do Yocan magneto coils last?

1 to 4 weeks.
The lifespan of a coil is depends on your vaping habits.Generally you need to change coils every 1 to 4 weeks of usage. If you vape very frequently, you may find that your coil only lasts for between five and seven days. If you vape moderately, it may last you a couple weeks.

How do you clean a Yocan Magneto?

Well, aside from cleaning my Yocan coils I also clean the mouthpieces around the same time. Dab the cotton swabs onto the alcohol and wipe the inside of the mouthpiece, the paper clips are for unclogging the air holes where resin and wax could have accumulated over time. If you used the Yocan Evolve Plus, you must fund it was a game-changing products.

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