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  • March 26 | Jeremy Lin

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What’s Yocan Magneto?

General Design: The Magneto is not the most stylish concentrate vape around but the steel casing that’s exposed at the bottom, middle, and mouthpiece give it a distinctive look. Of course, looks aren’t everything and the Magneto has some nice practical attributes which prove that point.

Yocan magneto is a portable vape pen

Portability: The Magneto is a pretty bulky vape pen with a much thicker girth than most other examples in this category. This doesn’t inhibit portability since it’s an otherwise petit four inches in height. It will still fit in your pocket, but you won’t forget that it’s there like you would with a skinnier pen.

It feels good when you hold it too, in fact, it feels a little better than slimmer vape pens since you can get a better grip on it.

Yocan magneto ceramic coil

The ceramic coil of the Magneto is cleaned using a q-tip that’s been dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Wipe down the coil and the inside of the heating chamber to get rid of any excess residue.

Yocan Magneto come with vaping tool

There is a dab tool built right into the mouthpiece section that makes loading a lot easier. It also means that there is one less accessory to carry around with you, or that you need to worry about losing. You also don’t need to worry about taking a storage container for your wax with you because there is one built into the base of the Magneto.

Yocan Magneto use magnetic connections

All the pieces—except for the 510 threaded atomizer—use magnetic connections, so putting the Magneto together is fast and easy. If you want to know how to inhale this vape pen, please read this article: How to Use Yocan Magneto Vape Pen?

How to Cleaning or Maintenance Yocan Magneto?

The odd shape of the built in dab tool means that it is hard to clean and needs cleaning frequently, which is not a great combination. It’s too small to use a swab or q-tip to clean it, so you need to immerse it in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours to get it clean. You should then rinse it out in warm water afterwards, and you need to do this after nearly every session. Related post: How to Cleaning Your Magneto Vape Pen? Source:

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