Yocan Hive 2.0: is it the best Multi Purpose Vaporizer Kit

  • August 28 | Jeremy Lin

Do you know Dual-Use Vaporizer or Multi Purpose Vaporizer Kit? This post we are going to discuss the Yocan Hive 2.0 mod vape from Yocan Tech. Read on and find out that is it the best dual-use vaporizer. Here we go.

Hive 2.0 meet all your vaping cartridge?

Main Features:

650mAh Battery Capacity
Micro USB Cable
3 voltage levels
no-leakage design
lightweight, discreet, and portable
510 threaded magnetic adapter

Battery Capacity

The Yocan Hive 2.0 dual-use mod vape built-in 650mAh battery cannot be removed but it lasts throughout the day with consistent use. There is a micro USB cable comes with the package box. So you can charge your Yocan Hive 2.0 anywhere, even plug an Android cable.

Voltage of Yocan Hive 2.0

Yocan Hive 2.0 has preset three voltage levels. One blue light indicates the Hive 2.0 is set to a low voltage (3.4V), two lights indicate medium voltage (3.9V) and three indicates high voltage (4.2V). After you’ve set the voltage, just hold down the power button and take a long, smooth pull to use your Hive 2.0.

Learn more Yocan Hive 2.0 features, please visit Yocan official site yocan.com

Yocan Launch a New Website Domain

  • August 2 | Jeremy Lin

We( Yocan or Yocan Tech) are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website domain – Yocan.com!

Our goal with this yocan.com is to provide our customers an easier way to learn about Yocan vaporizers and vaporization solutions.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback, please contact Yocan Team.

Yocan UNI Pro Battery redefines the future of box mod

  • March 16 | Jeremy Lin

Yocan has a new vaporizer, named Yocan UNI Pro.
It sport an OLED screen, safety features, and a hanging hole where you can fit your Yocan lanyards. The Yocan UNI Pro box mod comes with the diameter adjustment dial design gets a larger adjustable diameter. The Yocan UNI Pro has an internal diameter of 14mm.

Easy to use

Yocan UNI Pro is amazing because it is affordable and has the best durability.
The Yocan UNI Pro is probably the most amazing box mod on the market vaping because it works with absolutely everything.
Yocan UNI Pro Battery redefines the future of box mod technology.

Get Yocan UNI Pro

Yocan UNI Pro Battery redefines the future of box mod

Any questions, please leave a comment on the vape forum: forum.yocantech.com

The Yocan end of the year flash sale is coming

  • December 29 | Jeremy Lin

The Yocan end of the year flash sale is coming, grab your big vape gifts.
Use the code Yocan2020 get up to 35% OFF when you check out on www.yocanonline.com

The Yocan end of the year flash sale is coming

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If you have any questions about the end year Yocan vape flash sale, please comment below. Or if you have any new year wishes, also can share it with us.

Happy New Year to you!

How Yocan Evolve-C Works?

  • March 12 | Jeremy Lin

The Features of Yocan Evolve C

The functionality of the Yocan Evolve C is very simple. The base is just a 650mAh battery with a single button. The top has a 510 thread, and this connection is used for both attaching your atomizers and charging it.

Madvapes Statesville

Yocan Evolve C Atomizer

There are two atomizer options. The first is a single quartz coil for thicker waxes and concentrates. The second is a tank that you fill from the top with oils or e-liquids.

Once your atomizer is attached to the base, a cover slides over the top. This is only a decorative piece.

Yocan Evolve C Tips

To actually use the Evolve C, you just click the button five times to turn it on and then press and hold that button to take a draw.

Source: torontovaporizer

The Yocan Evolve Plus comes with built in silicone jar

  • February 12 | vape

We show you how to use your Yocan Evolve Plus. The Yocan Evolve Plus comes with built in silicone jar. This vape pen is perfect for on the go dabbing needs. We also show set up and different ceramic coils.

Source: Yocan Evolve Plus How to / Review

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