Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Pen Kit and its coil introduce

Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Pen Kit and it’s coil introduce

  • March 25 | Jeremy Lin

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What’s Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Pen Kit?

Yocan Evolve Plus Pen Kit Features: Quartz Dual Coil Atomizer. Built-In Silicone jar. 1100mAh Li-ion Battery. Heats Up Instantly. 15 Seconds of Continuous Heat.
The Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer is an innovative device that features incredible quality, brilliant appeal, a slew of features, and performance that far exceeds.

What’s Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Pen Coils?

The Yocan Evolve Plus Coils are are made up of a Ceramic Donut instead of wick to create a pure experience unlike any other.
Evolve Plus Tank by Yocan is a vape device with 19mm diameter. This portion of the Evolve Plus Vaporizer consists of the 510 threaded Evolve base, the QDC Quartz Dual Coil Atomizer with splash prevention coil cap, and the top shell/mouthpiece. It will brings you purest vaping experience. It’s an ideal choice for concentrate lovers.

More question about Yocan?

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