Best way to maintenance Evolve Plus Atomizer 2019

  • April 2 | Jeremy Lin

This post we will discuss Evolve Plus topic. As we know this is very popular vape pen past years. But there are some friends don’t how to clear it, or how to maintenance evolve plus atomizer. That’s the reason why we discuss this topic. If you want to discuss with other Yocan users, please comment below.

Best way to maintenance Evolve Plus Atomizer 2019
Best way to maintenance Evolve Plus Atomizer 2019 -Credit: – real.tvape

Which vape parts are expected to be replaced the most?

The most commonly purchased replacement vape part is the Yocan Evolve Plus coils. These dual quartz coils are top quality, but when dealing with shatter or crumble, you’ll eventually need to replace your vape coils for a couple reasons:

How Often Should you Change the Vape Coil?

Many daily users prefer to have the freshest taste when vaping their concentrates. If you’re vaping shatter or wax daily, the flavor of your vapor tends to change after a few months of using a vape pen. As a result, many users decide to buy extra vape coils so that they can vape the freshest taste of shatter or crumble.
There are many NEW users that don’t understand how delicate a quartz coil can be. When using dab tools to load shatter into your heating chambers,

Do Not Poke at the Vape Coil

You want to make sure to gently put your concentrates on it. If you poke at the quartz coil too hard, you can seriously damage it and will need to purchase replacements.

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