The Vapx Violet YK1 Pod requires no maintenance

  • July 5 | Jeremy Lin

The Vapx Violet YK1 is manufactured by BYD. How is the Vapx Violet YK1 performance? Will VapX raise a new standard for the vape industry 2021? Read on and find out the answer.

The Vapx Violet YK1 is a new variation to the Violet Disposable line up. Each device is pre-filled with salt nicotine (4%) e-liquid and features a disposable design.

Violet YK1 Features:

1.8ml E-juice Capacity

Coil Reusable Cotton Wick Coil

Push-Fit Tech 100% Sealed pod tank

The Vapx Violet YK1 Pod requires no maintenance due to it’s simple and disposable nature.

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The Ispire Ducore X gives the best pure flavor and smooth airflow

  • July 5 | Jeremy Lin

The Ispire Ducore X Cartridge Review – Quartz Body, Huge Clouds, Strong Hits

This Ispire Cartridge has 13.5mm in diameter, making it wider than a standard oil cartridge.

The Ispire Ducore X gives the best pure flavor and smooth airflow.


Quartz glass

Easy to see CBD level

AFC – AirFlow Control

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Yocan UNI Twist vs Vessel Compass

  • July 5 | Jeremy Lin

Yocan is best know for their high-end concentrate dab pen, like the Yocan Evolve plus. Many new vapers like the Evolve series. The Yocan UNI Twist is their latest mod solution for a 510 thread palm-style vape.

Vessel is best known for their high-end oil pens, like the Vista which I recently reviewed. The Compass is their first attempt at a 510 thread palm-style vape, the biggest trend in cannabis oil vaping. It goes for the same price as the Vista, but it packs an extra 210 mAh of battery life. That’s almost double the size of the original Vessel and almost as much as the PCKT One.

The Compass has a drop-in design which protects your cartridge nicely. The 510 connection has a built-in swivel system, so you can always get your mouthpiece the way you like it. That’s a relief for OCD vapers out there who use cartridges with those flat-style mouthpieces. I’m curious how the airflow is going to be because that is one of my favorite things about Vessel devices. Let’s find out how the Compass compares to some of the best 510 thread vapes on the market.

The Compass was sent courtesy of Vessel for the purpose of this review.

Kit contents
1 x Vessel Compass device
1 x USB-C charging cable
1 x Display cartridge
Build quality and design

The build quality is phenomenal. The Compass looks like a big key fob for a luxury vehicle. Looks aside, it feels rugged and comfortable in the hand. It has the high-end look we’ve come to expect from Vessel. The Compass is currently available in gold, if you want something flashy, or gunmetal if you want something more low key. I prefer the gunmetal edition for daily use, but I would use the gold one if I wanted to look extra fancy once in a while. It has a unique shape and the Vessel logo printed on one side, and engraved into the back. The device has a USB-C port on the bottom and magnets, which hint at a potential charging dock in the future?

The Compass is just over 6.67 mm (2.6″) in length, 41.3 mm (1.6″) in width and 19 mm (0.75″) in depth. It weighs 66 grams, and about 81 grams with a cartridge installed. It feels like it’s designed for your hand. Unfortunately it doesn’t stand up on a desk, but it slips easily into your pocket. There are no magnetic adapters and it fits all of the standard 510 carts that I’ve tested. It also has a cool swivel system which gives you 180 degrees of freedom to adjust your cart. As with all Vessel devices, make sure not to overtighten or you might have trouble unscrewing it.

It’s still a Vessel, but in a new form. It still has the same easy to use interface and LED indication. The LEDs are brighter than the original and more like the ones on the Vista. I’d like to direct your attention to the big firing button located on the front of the device. I think it was a very nice touch because it’s super easy to locate. The Compass has a 550 mAh battery, which is the largest capacity offered by Vessel in their lineup. That’s a huge capacity for a 510 thread vape.

Using the Compass

Even if you’ve never used a Vessel before, it’s similar to most of the button-operated vape pens out there. Here’s a quick rundown on how to use the Compass:

Five clicks to turn on and off and hold it down to fire.
The device has an automatic 8-second puff limiter.
To change the voltage, click the fire button three times.
The device will turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity.
The Compass will remember your most recent voltage setting.
The 3 LEDs near the fire button indicate your battery life.
The lights will blink when it’s charging, and will stop when it’s fully charged.
Use a cotton swab and alcohol to clean the threads and connection every so often.
If you are still a little bit confused, Vessel provides a few informative and useful videos on their website to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about their products. Eventually you will get the hang of it and using the Compass will most likely become second nature to you.


When it comes to performance, the Compass hits it out the park. I was hoping for the airflow to be as smooth as their previous devices–and it is! The draw is on par with the original, the Vista seems to provide slightly more airiness since it has that wide open collar design. In any case, all of the Vessel devices I’ve tested have the perfect restrictive yet airy draw that is perfect for oil.

The voltage output is on point too. I mostly use it on the middle setting (3.2 volts) because it’s the perfect middle ground for me. I rarely hit it on the pink (3.6 volt) setting out of fear of burning out my coil. I never got a burnt hit on the lowest setting but if you chain vape on the middle setting it can get dry. It also depends on the style of cartridge and wicking system it utilizes. I’ve used the Compass with some CBD distillate cartridges and it has been extremely enjoyable.

I’m not going to list this as a con, but I find that the Compass is ideal for longer full-sized cartridges rather than 0.5 gram ones. The reason is that when I used it with a shorter style oil cart, the mouthpiece doesn’t pop out much, so your lips might touch the device when vaping.

The device shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity, which is pretty convenient (most of the time). It doesn’t feature pass through charging, but it fully charges in about an hour and change. I’ve gone through almost a full gram cartridge on a single charge so far and it’s still going strong.

Pros / Cons
Large 550 mAh battery life
Extremely ergonomic
High-end look and feel
Rugged construction
Protects cartridges
Compatible with most oil carts
Three power settings
Nice swivel feature
USB-C compatible
No pass through charging
Charging dock sold separately
Six-month limited warranty

The Compass is currently my favorite device that Vessel offers. It has tons of battery life, looks stunning and feels like it was designed to sit in your hand. The performance and airflow are on par with the rest of the Vessel line, and easily one of the higher end 510 thread vapes I’ve ever used. The big fire button, battery life and overall aesthetics are some of its standout features

Is this Bud Tank D3 CBD vape worth the price?

  • July 4 | Jeremy Lin

Do you know the Bud Tank D3? Is this Bud Tank D3 CBD vape worth the price? Read on and find out the answer.
The Bud Tank D3 device keeps in Standby Mode when it is not in use.

Bud Tank D3 Features:

Length: 3.1in Width: 0.6 Height 0.5 (L92.2W22.7H13.7mm)
Battery Capacity: 240mAh
Working Voltage 3.3-3.7V
Charging Voltage / Current 5V/450MA-550MA
Resistance 1.2+0.1 ohm
Pod Capacity: 0.5ml (empty)
Charging Time: 30±10 min.
Bottom oil fillable

The Bud Tank D3 does a great job with the intuitive user experience and design.
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Does The Pax Era Pro Worth $70 Or Not?

  • June 29 | Jeremy Lin

The Pax Era Pro is the best Weed Vape Pen from Pax Lab. This tiny vaporizer packs a host of improvements and brings increased transparency to the user. Does the Pax Era Pro the best Weed Vape Pen & Marijuana Vape in 2021? Read on.

Does The Pax Era Pro Worth $70 Or Not?

Access session progress via the app
Access detailed information on the pod ingredients
Curated selection. Cannabis hand-picked for purity and flavor.

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Geek Bar Pro Becomes More And More Popular

  • June 28 | Jeremy Lin

From the makers of Geekvape brings you the Geek Bar Pro Disposable E-Cigarette. Read on find out why the Geek Bar Pro Disposable device becomes more and more popular in the United Kingdom.

850mAh Built-in Battery
4.5ml Pre-filled E-Juice
50mg Nicotine Salt Strength

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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Dotleaf

  • June 27 | Jeremy Lin

Does the Dotleaf A New Adventurer in Dry Herb Vaporizer Industry 2021? Exploring the Pros and Cons of Dotleaf.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Dotleaf

Good travel companion
Great for group sessions

Device gets warm
Higher temps are rather punchy and can be harsh

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Did you vape the Geek Bar?

  • June 23 | Jeremy Lin

Did you vape the Geek Bar? This one become more and more popular. Read this post Disposable Vape 101: Introducing Geek Bar Devices.

Did you vape the Geek Bar?

Geek Bar Features:

20MG (2.0%) Nicotine Salt.
2.4ml Pre-Filled E-Liquid.
Approximately 575 Puffs Per Device.
500mAh Integrated Battery.
Geek Bar Disposable Vaporizer Flavors:

Available in a variety of fantastic flavours like Peach Ice, Sour Apple, Sweet Strawberry and much more we guarantee you will love them all!
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Are the Pax 3 vapes safe when heated at high temperatures?

  • June 22 | Jeremy Lin

Are the Pax 3 vapes safe when heated at high temperatures? Read this post, Vape 101: Health Risks With Pax 3?

Are the Pax 3 vapes safe when heated at high temperatures?

The heating element is the most important part of a vaporizer in terms of safety.
In one word, the health issues have nothing to do with vaping flower using conduction or convection vaporizers.

No vitamin E with Pax 3

The PAX 3 is completely encapsulated, located inside the device and the temperature control does not allow the heater to reach the dangerous temperature where PTFE can vaporize and cause issues.

So, the Pax 3 is safe to use. Any further questions, please visit to learn more similar PAX vaporizer topics.

Flower Vape 101: Do you really know the Pax 3 Lip Sensing?

  • June 22 | Jeremy Lin

Do you really know the Pax 3 Lip Sensing? Reading this Flower Vape 101 post, Get to know the PAX 3 Vaporizer Lip Sensing Function.

Flower Vape 101: Do you really know the Pax 3 Lip Sensing?

The PAX 3 Vaporizer Lip Sensing Functionwill make real-time adjustments that suit your inhaling technique.
Pick it up or put it to your lips and the PAX 3 will boost the temperature to your set temperature on the fly.

When PAX 3 detects your lip on the mouthpiece, it starts boosting oven temperature up to and beyond your temperature setting to maintain good vapor production throughout your draw and quickly replenish the heat your oven contents lose during your draw. Learn more info please visit latest vape press.

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