Is the Stonesmiths’ Slash discreet?

  • November 3 | Jeremy Lin

Is the Stonesmiths’ Slash discreet? At 13cm (H) × 7.5cm (W) × and 6cm in length, the Slash is super portable, coming in at just over 300g. It fits in your hand well and can be hidden almost entirely in public.

What are the heat settings on Stonesmith slash?
Temperature Flexibility

The Slash has 3 different voltage settings to work with – blue is low, green is medium, and red is high.

What is the best heat setting for a vape?
Overlooking the role temperature plays in your vaping experience can cause discomfort or decrease the flavor, and you want to avoid both of those mistakes. In simple terms, the perfect temperature is between 390 and 490 degrees Fahrenheit or 199 and 255 degrees Celsius.

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