Authentic vs. Fake Rove Carts

  • November 2 | Jeremy Lin

are glo carts fake? If you have similar questions about the Rove Cartridges, please read on.

How can you tell if Rove carts are fake?
Check the packaging
: Genuine Rove carts will have a specific packaging design and branding. Compare the packaging to images of authentic Rove carts online to see if there are any inconsistencies.

Detecting fake Rove carts can be a critical task for vape enthusiasts. To distinguish the real deal from counterfeit products, start by examining the packaging. Authentic Rove carts boast a distinct packaging design and branding. It’s essential to compare the packaging to legitimate Rove cart images available online to spot any inconsistencies.

Another telltale sign is to check the oil inside the cartridge. Counterfeit Rove carts often feature oil that’s either thicker or thinner than what you’d find in genuine products. By paying close attention to these details, you can ensure you’re enjoying a safe and authentic vaping experience while avoiding potentially harmful fakes.

Check the oil: Fake Rove carts may have oil that is thicker or thinner than the oil found in authentic carts.

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