All Feedbacks on Coldfire Cartridges 2024

  • November 2 | Jeremy Lin

California’s Most Flavorful Cannabis Extract Company | Michelin Star Rated Experience with ColdFire.

Blue cookies x Sunset Sherb, 2 bangers. this strain is fire asf strong effects and great taste. I turn my Yocan Kodo Pro up to 2.3V on the back end of my carts just to get fat clouds and I’ve never burnt one.

smells sweet/weedy even before popping it open, the taste is sweet with more of a cannabis taste mixed in as you smoke it.

Careless-Mouse1519’s feedback on Coldfire Cartridges:
My all time fav CF cart is Triple Lindy. I’ve bought it 3 times before. I need to find this one!

🔥 Fruity Inhale with that Pine/Gassy exhale Forsure Smooth Indica

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