How to find the best the best SMOK vape shops near you

  • November 22 | Jeremy Lin

Are you looking for the best SMOK store near you? This post will give the answer to you. Seek no more, just read this article find the super vape shops and smoke shops in your city. SMOK vape is the most popular vaping brand in the world. SMOK drive vaping forward with innovative kits, mods, tanks & coils.

Where is Smok located?
Brief history of SMOK. SMOK was established in 2010 and is located in Shenzhen’s Nanshan district, the global manufacturing center of vaping. So, how to find the best the best SMOK vape shops near you? Here are three useful link from Smok official site.

#1 SMOK® Official Store
The world’s most popular vapor brand. From gettings start kits to ultimate and flavor taste tanks to cloud beast ones, customize your vaping life with SMOK Store.


#3 B2C Platform Authorized Store
Sign up to become Smok authorized reseller and get free catalogs. Smok Online Wholesale Portal Exclusively for Registered Smok Resellers. Here is the link:

Vaping 101: SMOK MICARE Pod System Vape Kit

  • October 14 | Jeremy Lin

How to use Smok Micare?

MICARE is a specially designed device for high viscosity oil, it has built-in 700mAh battery to provide long vaping time, adjustable voltage to offer different vaping effects.
MICARE is a compact and exquisite device, it shaped like an old-school lighter but with a fancy appearance.

It is a compact little device, measuring in at just 56mm in height, 43mm wide and has a depth of just 14.8mm, so this device will easily fit in your pocket without you even knowing its there.

This is an automatic device, so there is no fire button, there is a mode button on the side to change the power, which will look at within the features section of this review. Below the mode button is the LED indicator. There is also a lanyard pin at the top and SMOK also provide this within the kit should you want to carry it around your neck.

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SMOK Nord Kit Review – Zophie Vapes

  • February 19 | vape

SMOK Nord Kit Review – Zophie Vapes

SMOK Nord review and comparison video. This is for adults trying to stay away from smelly sticks.

SMOK Nord Review / Comparing Nord to Novo Which is Better? – Zophie Vapes

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