How to fix Yocan evolve plus xl not hitting

  • May 11 | Jeremy Lin

As for Yocan evolve plus xl not hitting issue, how to fix?

Here are 3 tips for yocan evolve plus xl not hitting troubleshooting.

Low battery Status

You need to plug the USB cable charge your device. When the indicator light shuts off, the Evolve Plus XL battery is fully charged. 5 clicks turn it on and happy vaping.

Connection issues

When your device flashing light many times, usually duet to the incorrect connection. Please refer to this artilce fix this problem: Yocan Evolve Plus XL flashing light troubleshooting

Coil or atomizer die

When you hit the fire button, can’t produce any cloud, and no indicator light. (some device also flashing the light.) In this case, you need to change a brand new atmizer, or Evolve plus xl coil. As you know the die coil resulting the circuit open, and can’t atimozer any material.

Learn more Evolve Plus XL on Yocan site.

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