Yocan Troubleshoting: evolve Plus not heating up

  • November 21 | Jeremy Lin

As for Yocan Evolve Plus not heating up topic, some newbies don’t how to troubleshooting. Here are two examples their post on vape communication platforms, like FC forum or reddit.com

I recently purchased the Evolve plus and when I charge it, there is a small red light that stays lit for about 15 seconds then disappears. When I hold down the main button, nothing happens. The coil does not heat up or anything. How do I know when the battery is fully charged?

– from @baseball22 on FC forum

I have a yocan evolve that lights up when i press the button, but the coil does not get heated. I hadn’t used it for about three months, and accidentally left the battery on during that time. It worked fine yesterday and earlier today but then it just stopped working. I have tried multiple coils and fully charged the battery but it still isn’t working. Does anyone know what the problem may be?

– from ButtChunker on reddit.com

Here is some tips fix evolve Plus not heating up.

#1 Turn on the device

5 Clicks can turn on most of Yocan device, include the Evolve Plus vape pen.

#2 Fully Charged the device

If you don’t know how to correct charge it, please read this article: Yocan Evolve Plus Charging Instructions

#3 Make Sure All Connections are Correct

The battery contact gets dirty or depressed too far causing a bad connection to the battery. Try cleaning the connection at the atomizer and pulling up on the contact in the battery with a pick. Most of the time, the incorrect connect will resulting in the device blinking, like the post Suorin drop blinking blue Troubleshoot discussed.

#4 Contact Yocan After-sale for help

Go to Yocan Tech official site, or it’s vaping forum, they will assist troubleshooting.

Here is a video guide you how to use Evolve plus

By the way, if you didn’t try this awesome vape pen, please to this page to purchase the Yocan Evolve Plus or it’s upgrade pen Yocan Evolve plus XL.

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