Why Every Dabber Needs a Dab Pen?

  • December 29 | Jeremy Lin

Why Every Dabber Needs a Dab Pen?

A dab pen is a vaporizer pen specifically designed to vape cannabis concentrates. A regular dab pen comes with atomizers, coils for heating the material and mouthpiece, which you inhale through to get the vapor.

A dab pen is something which is used purely for the consumption of dabs. Dabs are tiny little concentrates of THC, instead of your more traditional dry herb or e-liquid. There are so many different ways to consume cannabis—joint, blunt, pipe, bong, vape, dab, etc. —because the way you consume directly impacts the experience. A dab pen is made up of the same components as a vape pen, and works more or less in the same way.

The dabs placed into a dab pen should be of a thin enough consistency that it can be heated to vaporisation point without combusting (burning). The dabs are placed directly onto the coils and heated so it melts down onto a wick which then absorbs the product. The wick then heats up the material to create a vapour which is then inhaled.

The Best Dab Pen 2020

Kandypens Special-K

It is a stealthy vape pen for THC and CBD oil cartridges. Learn more on this article: What’s the difference between Kandypens Special-K and Yocan Evolve Plus XL?


Yocan Armor Plus

The Armor Plus is a compact way to vaporizer anywhere you are.

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Replacement of yocan armor plus

Benefits of dab pen

Dab pen vaping can reduce inhalation of carcinogens
Switching to a dab vape pen and ditching the harmful toxins from combustion in your joint, bong, or bowl may be a great choice.

Lack of smell
Dab vape pen odor is minimal and will disappear in minutes, so you can keep your consumption hidden.

Better Taste
A quality dab vape pen will come with settings so you can adjust the heat to an optimum level to express these terps. Like the Yocan Armor Plus.

More effective
If you could make your high better and stronger, would you? With vaping, you can do just that. Dab vape pen uses much lower temperatures which preserves more THC for you to enjoy.

The ability to take smaller puffs
A modern vape pen will typically offer different settings so you can control how much you get with each inhale.

Vape pens are more convenient
Vape pens get their name because of their resemblance to a pen.

Vaping can save you money
Vaping can actually save you money because the vapor is only produced when you draw on your pen. The days of burning through your cannabis (and your cash) are over.

If you have further questions about the dab vape pen, or where to buy dab pens, please comment below.

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