Vaping 101: Yocan evolve plus xl not turning on

  • May 11 | Jeremy Lin

Yocan evolve plus xl not turning on, how to fix it? First of all, let us talk about how to turn it on.

Vaping 101: Yocan evolve plus xl not turning on

How do you turn on Yocan evolve Plus XL?
To turn your Yocan Evolve Plus XL vape pen on/off, press the power button 5 times rapidly. The button will blink 3 times to indicate the battery has been turned on or off. When the vape battery is turned on, but no atomizer is attached, if you press the power button, it will blink 4 times. Source: The Vape Vet Store

As the article (How to fix Yocan evolve plus xl not hitting) discussed, when your device low battery, you can’t turn it on. So, please charge the evolve plus xl device at first.

The second condition is that after charged, it still can’t turn on.

Just flashing light when you charging it. If you unplug the USB cable, no indicator. In this case, you have to contact teh shop you bought from claim the warranty. Beacuase your battery was die.

Learn more Evolve plus XL on Yocan site.

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