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Is there a best voltage setting for the Yocan Uni Pro?

  • December 24 | Jeremy Lin

Yocan Uni Pro – Recommended voltage

Some vape friends are looking for tips on how to use the Yocan UNI Pro and the best voltage for full gram cartridges, like ccell cart. Read on and find out the best voltage setting for the Yocan Uni Pro.

It’s depend on your vape cartridge type.

For the distillate and co2 oil, our vape expert suggestion is around 2.6-3.1v

For live resin, live rosin and HTFSE carts, the voltage setting around 2.2-2.6v!

yocan uni pro preheat

10-Second Preheat – Like other Yocan devices, the Uni has a 10-second pre-heat feature. Click the firing button twice fast to turn it on and click the firing button twice fast again if you want to turn it off before the 10 seconds is up. This is designed to preheat certain types of e-liquids. If you get a CBD preloaded cartridge, after sitting for a while, you may have to take a harder pull to get it flowing properly. Batteries that have a preheat function such as the Yocan Uni Pro can help ensure good flow in cold temperatures.

Yocan UNI Pro Trobleshooting: No Atomizer

“No Atomizer” will appear when your vape mod isn’t reading your coil correctly. This can be due to the 510 connector not reading properly (where the tank screws onto the mod), the coil not making proper contact inside of the tank, or possibly a short.

How to fix short circuit?

If your cartridge was burn out, your UNI Pro battery will occur this error. So, please install a brand new cartridge to have a try. Check the UNI Pro shorted or not. Please pull out your cartridge, and hit the fire button, if this still occur shorted error, means the battery shorted inside the circuit board.

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