Design Your Vape with Yocan Tech!

  • January 21 | Jeremy Lin

Hi Yocan Fan,

Which vape feature you are looking for?

Do you want to design your own vape for FREE?

If yes, now your turn comes.

Design Your Vape with Yocan Tech!

Just share your awesome ideas with us.

Yocan engineering team will make them into real when we choose your suggestion(s).

Welcome all vape lovers and designers contact us.

Benefits you will get

Get brand new vaporizer beta version devices for free.

Get the best price for vape wholesale orders.

Get a commission once we choose team up with you.

More big surprise gifts are on the way for our new cooperators.

3 ways to get in touch with us

1. Please kindly submit it on or chat online with us.

2. Please feel free send an email at

3. DM on or

Thank you for your interest in Design Vape With Yocan.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Yocan Team

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