Yocan UNI S: How To Choose The Right Voltage Level?

  • November 16 | Jeremy Lin

Yocan Tech gave the UNI S a variable voltage battery that features 2.5V, 3.0V, and 3.5V options. So, how to choose the right voltage level option, read on and find out the answer.

Yocan UNI S vape mod

More and more vapers, no matter newbies or heavy users are want to some variety vape pens, gives them pure flavor and big cloud production.

Flavor Lover choice: 2.5V

Flavor-centric vape enthusiasts will enjoy the lowest voltage option 2.5V end of the Yocan UNI S.

Mass vapor production: 3.5V

While those who want denser big cloud vapor production will find themselves using 3.5V voltage option.

Balance Choice: 3.0v

The best of both voltages can be found by using the 3.0V, which strikes a fantastic balance between taste and throat feel.

Yocan UNI S is the Most Stylish Vape device, it providing more efficient sessions and easier flavor exploration.

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