Yocan Armor Powerful Yet Discreet Vape Pen

  • June 3 | Jeremy Lin

Yocan Armor Rose Gold Version is powerful yet discreet, smart yet easy-to-use.
The Armor uses three presetting voltage levels, the LED indicators will display 1 light for 3.0V,
2 lights for 3.5V, and all 3 lights for 4.0V when you’re ready for some serious cloud action.
This concentrate vaporizer with high quality performance at an affordable price.

Yocan Armor Powerful Yet Discreet Vape Pen

Main Features:
Six stylish colors
Compact And Portable
All in One System
Presetting voltage levels:
Low: 3.0V / one light on
Medium: 3.5V / two lights on
High: 4.0V / three light on
Sleek and Smooth Design

Learn more Yocan Armor Rose Gold version information, please visit YocanTech.com

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