Yocan Apex Mini Slim Vaporizer fits right into your life

  • January 5 | Jeremy Lin

What’s your favorite slim vape pen? Have a glance this newest Yocan device. One of the most revolutionary vaping products of all time, Yocan’s sleek and easy-to-use vape , The Apex, has come out with an updated version just in time for the holidays: The Apex Mini.

The Apex Mini is a new member of Apex series product line. With the heating in waves technology updates and one major improvement to the atomizer which makes every hit smooth and even, The Apex Mini is the ultimate gift for the vaper in your life.

Yocan Apex Mini is a very slim concentrate vaporizer that features awesome functionalities with discreet design and solid quality.  So, the Yocan Apex Mini Slim Vaporizer Pen is an effective, compact and affordable tool.

The ultracompact and powerful Yocan Apex Mini slim offers stealthy concentrate vaping on-the-go. The Apex Mini atomizer can be loaded with your favorite vape material. Built-in 380mAh battery delivers on-demand hits. Sexy, slender, and reliable, the Yocan Apex Mini Slim Vaporizer fits right into your life.

Main Features:

  • Slim vape pen
  • QDC Coil
  • Battery Capacity: 380mAh 
  • Functional Coil Cap
  • Featured 3 Voltage Levels
  • Heating In Waves
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Discreet yet effective

If you want to learn more information about the Yocan Apex Mini, or other vape questions, please feel free to visit Yocan.com and contact Yocan Support team.

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