Which is Your Next Smart Vape Device, Yocan Falcon or Puffco Peak Pro?

  • December 27 | Jeremy Lin

Vaping concentrate has become increasingly popular in recent years, super popular. In 2019, there was an estimated 35 million vape users worldwide. Today we are going to discuss two latest vaporizers, the Falcon and the Peak Pro.

Yocan Falcon

Yocan is a brand that loves to redesign vaporizers and reinvent the way we see vaping, whether it’s consuming wax concentrates or dry herb strains.

Main Features:

1000mAh Battery Capacity
5 clicks to lock/unlock
3 quick clicks to select heat settings (3.2v, 3.7v and 4.2v)
3 Coil Options ( QTC coil, Pancake coil and XTAL tip)
6 Ways to Use Falcon
5 Stylish Colors Available
Ergonomic Design
10 Seconds Preheat Function
Hand Made Top Airflow Glass
Built-in Metal Jar
USB-C Fast Charging Feature
Smart E-rig Portable Vaporizer

The Yocan Falcon 6 in 1 Vaporizer Kit is the most advanced 6-in-1 vaporizer on the market today, which gives you the best vaping experience with its incredible range. It has 6 functions and is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates.

Offering users the highest level of customization and control this new upgrade includes features like 3 preset temperature control. The most superior way of consumption, indulge in the impressive and improved Yocan Falcon!

Yocan Falcon multi-functional vaporizer device

Puffco Peak Pro

The Puffco Peak Pro is as portable as a vape pen but has the superior functionality of a smart bong. The Peak Pro chamber is the engine for the entire device. A unique sensor embedded inside of the chamber communicates with your Peak Pro.

Main Features:

Improved Version of the Peak
Bluetooth App Controlled
Wireless Charging with Power Dock Wireless Charger
Real-time Temperature Control
Larger Chamber by 40%
Unique Sensor Embedded on Chamber
Dozen Options of Heat Profiles
Customizable Temperature
Customizable Duration of Session
Customizable LED Color
Customizable Boost Mode
Stealth Mode
Disco Mode LED Setting
Wave Mode LED Setting
Pulse Mode LED Setting
2-hour Fast Charging Time
30 Sessions per Charge Average
30-second Heat-up Time
Carrying Case with Increased Storage

Portable e-rigs liberated connoisseur dabs from dedicated stations plugged into the wall to a palm-sized vape you can pass around the couch. The Puffco Peak Pro has four built-in temperature settings. Blue is low at 254 degrees Celsius or 492 Fahrenheit, Green is medium at 266

The vapor quality of the Puffco Peak Pro is great. The atomizer can handle more concentrate than the Peak, as the bowl is 40% larger. The original Peak had a problem with large loads, but the Pro has no trouble at all with the new atomizer.

For those of us in the weed world, Puffco dropping the new Peak Pro is the equivalent of Apple dropping a new iPhone.

puffco peak pro with blue light.
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