The Quad by Ooze: No-frills temperature control

  • August 15 | Jeremy Lin

Price: $24.99

Features at a glance: standard battery capacity, plastic housing, four-setting temp control, USB-C port, smart charger, square design

What’s to love?

Simple temp control improves taste and flavor
USB-C charging port and a smart charger protects carts from overcharge damage
Square body won’t roll off surfaces
Familiar functionality with little to no learning curve
What’s the catch?

Could be priced a bit more competitively
Plastic housing
Fully exposed cartridge is prone to damage
The Quad 510 Thread Square Pen Battery by Ooze is a simple battery like you’re used to: a single on/off button doubles as a temp toggle to cycle through four heat settings, improving the expression of a cart.

Though temp control is pretty common these days, the Quad is different in its square shape, keeping your cartridge out of harm’s way. It’s a small difference, but if you’ve ever lost a brand new cart to a roll-and-fall, the Quad might be looking pretty good right about now.

Additionally, the smart charger extends battery life, solving a common issue with cheap pens that burn out after a few weeks due to overcharging.

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