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  • July 19 | Jeremy Lin

The Puffco Proxy is a first-of-a-kind modular vaping system that is compatible with any type of extract such as wax, dabs, shatter, or crumble. Today I’ll be testing it with some live resin, live budder, and crumble. All three are full-spectrum THC extracts.

The Puffco Proxy modular design unlocks endless personalization opportunities, but more importantly, it makes. It’s clever design means that you can use the base with various compatible glass bodies. Puffco is already offering glass with water filtration, which they call the Bub. Puffco encourages the community to develop unique base designs by making the Proxy easy.

Puffco Proxy 3D ceramic coil

Unlike traditional coils, which get their heat only from the bottom, the heat here comes from all directions. The Proxy features Puffcos exclusive 3D ceramic coil. The heating wire embedded into the walls of the coils.

The top of the coil, and then out through this hole in the chamber.

The quality and taste is superb but while many would dislike the idea of a dab hit without water in OG package box. Another downside to the Proxy is it does not permit for excessive back to back sessions. And some vapers told us that the Price point is truly the biggest negative. This is awesome it’s just is too pricey 300 dollars is just too much for dry dab pipe.


EXPERIENCE. 3D Chamber technology offers. superior flavor and vapor.
APPROACHABLE. A familiar inviting form meets. intuitive easy function.
CUSTOMIZABLE. The glass pipe and removable base. provide consumption flexibility.


Gets hot when used multiple times in succession.
No wireless charging or automatic shut off.
Lack of companion mobile app.
Premium price tag.

Feedback on Puffco Proxy:

yan Stroup
That proxy looks awesome. Just subbed! Great review!

How to use Puffco Proxy?

It’s a portable, modular vaporizer that provides broad flexibility for your cannabis consumption experience. But how to use?

A slow pulse indicates it is warming up, and when ready, the device will flash and vibrate three times.

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