Is Juul advertising and product design “deliberately targets minors”

  • November 18 | Jeremy Lin

Nationwide, thousands of people have been diagnosed with a vaping-related illness. More than 40 deaths have been linked to vaping. California sues Juul for allegedly selling, marketing to minors. The suit alleges that Juul was aware the Veratad verification process did not always analyze a potential customer’s name, full address and date of birth when confirming their identity and age, resulting in approval of accounts with “bad info” being approved.

Top 4 Best Vape Pens for E-Liquid 2019

  • April 8 | Jeremy Lin

What are the best vape pens for e liquid? Vaping lab try to find out the answer with you guys. If you have any better suggestions, please comment below.

Yocan Evolve 2.0

yocan evolve 2.0 vape pen

All-In-One Pod System Vaporizer, With a no-leakage design
+Allows you to change between e-juices, oils and concentrates
+With 3-in-1 compatibility, a 650mAh battery, and small form factor


Pocket-sized pal is the best vape pen money can buy
+Excellent consistency with massive vapour volume
+Extraordinarily compact


Best premium designer vape
+Sophisticated and discreet design
+Easy to use
-Wobbly USB charger


Somewhere between a gadget and an e-cigarette
+Simple pod system
+Some excellent flavours
-Rather small pods

If you guys have any comment on best vape pens for e liquid, please let me know. We will update this post in further. Have a nice day.

3 Million High School Students Vaped

  • February 13 | vape

About 40 percent of high school students who said they used tobacco said they used two or more types of products, a 23 percent increase.

About 15 percent of them vaped and smoked cigarettes, according to the survey. Over the course of a year, the number of high school students using tobacco products increased by about 38 percent, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.

E-cigarettes drove the increase, the CDC said. Use of other products remained stable.

In 2018, nearly 21 percent of high school students, or 3 million, vaped. Source: CDC blames spike in teen tobacco use on vaping, popularity of Juul

JUUL Labs is launching an “adult education campaign”

  • January 21 | vape

The ads will appear on cable networks after prime time, and are carefully adult-oriented. The three commercials that are featured in the campaign show ex-smokers “describing the impact switching from cigarettes has had on their lives,” according to JUUL Labs. None of the participants look even close to being under 30. JUUL Labs is launching an “adult education campaign” that will include $10 million in TV advertising. Source: NEW JUUL LABS ADULT EDUCATION CAMPAIGN

uooce vape