PAX 3 Advanced portable cannabis vaporizer 101

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pax 3 flat mouthpiece

PAX 3 Advanced portable cannabis vaporizer for dry herb and extracts

pax 3 water pipe adapter

Designed to fit the Pax3 Vaporizer without a mouthpiece (or over the flared mouthpiece).

The Pax 3 vaporizer is a boss vape and the mothership of all portable vapes in the entire vaping industry.

pax 3 how to use

Want the best flavor you can get out of your pax 3? Are you using your pax the wrong way? All vape newbies need to read this guide!

How do you know when Pax 3 is fully chared?
To charge PAX 3, plug one side of USB cable into charging dock and plug the other side into a computer. Place device on dock. PAX 3 is charging when the LED light petals begin pulsing white. PAX 3 is fully charged when all four petals stop pulsing and turn solid.

What’s The Best Temp For The Pax 3?
Pax 3 Temp 1 (360F) – The first session was pretty underwhelming. …
Pax 3 Temp 2 (380) – The second temp setting was a lot better. …
Pax 3 Temp 3 (400) – The third session was by far the most flavorful Pax temperature!

PAX 3 heats up faster

What’s the difference between Pax 2 and Pax 3?
Perhaps the biggest difference is that the Pax 3 can vaporize concentrates, while the Pax 2 cannot. It is worth noting that you must purchase the Complete Kit version of the Pax 3 in order for it to have concentrate functionality

The PAX 2 is by no means a slouch, which makes the PAX 3 even more impressive. The new model goes from ice cold to the third heat setting, an optimum vaping temperature, in around 30 seconds, depending on the battery’s current charge level, almost twice as fast as the PAX 2.

pax 3 cleaning guide

Owning a Pax 3 is like owning the iPhone of vaporizers.

To clean the accessories of your PAX 3, fill a bowl with rubbing alcohol and drop your lids, mouthpiece and oven screen in the bowl. Stir the bowl periodically over the next 30 minutes. After soaking the accessories for a while, remove them from the bowl and give everything a good rinse in the sink.

Can I clean my PAX with rubbing alcohol?
You can find isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) at your local drugstore. The mouthpiece can be soaked in warm soapy water or isopropyl alcohol. Ploom recommends soaking the mouthpiece with your oven screen at least once a month.

How often should I clean my Pax?
We recommend cleaning your device with the included pipe cleaners and isopropyl alcohol every few uses to prevent any build up in the vapor path. PAX 2 can be cleaned in less than a minute. If you use PAX 2 regularly, we encourage a weekly clean for the perfect session every time.

How do you clean the PAX 2 mouthpiece?
If the body of your PAX 2 is dirty, you can clean it with a soft cloth. To clean the oven and the mouthpiece area, use cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Squeeze the excess alcohol out of the cotton swabs before using them to clean your device; you want to clean with the minimum possible amount of liquid.

pax 3 first use

Turn on PAX 3 with a quick press down in the middle of mouthpiece, located at top of device. The LED lights will begin to pulse purple, indicating oven is heating. Once LED lights turn green, PAX 3 is ready for use. Inhale with a gentle, cigar-like draw.

pax 3 how many hits

By the end of the session, the vapor is less desirable and sometimes harsh or hot. Some may find enjoyment throughout the entire Pax session. Some Pax users turn the device on for 3 or 4 hits and then turn it off, saving the rest for later.

How long should a Pax 3 session last?
The Pax 3 works best when the chamber is fully packed which means it will hold around .3 grams and provide 20-30 draws in a session. The half-pack lid is perfect for 1-2 people and will provide about 10-15 draws in a roughly 10 minute session.

How many grams does the Pax 3 hold?
The PAX 3 can hold as much as the PAX 2—with an oven capable of holding about 0.3 grams. This can get you as many as 15–25 draws from a fully packed oven, perfect for extended on-the-go sessions.

pax 3 efficiency mode

In Efficiency Mode, after your oven has heated up, the temperature setting will Ramp up automatically by 1ºF every 2 seconds while lip presence is detected. Use this method to initially set your preferred starting temperature for Ramp: Launch the app and turn on your device. Tap the image of your PAX 3 once connected.

pax 3 dynamic modes

The dynamic modes provide different temperature options:
Standard Mode – a balanced mode for first time vapers.
Boost Mode – temperature increases faster and cools down more slowly. …
Flavor Mode – faster temp increase and faster cooldown increases flavor preservation.

pax 3 blue light

Full Blue = Connecting to bluetooth. Purple Slowly Flashing = Heating up. Four Green Petals = Green means go! Your device is ready to use.

pax 3 factory reset

Turn PAX 3 on. Long press power button to enter temperature setting mode. Hold PAX “long ways” (oven in right hand, mouthpiece in left hand). Rotate the PAX away from you 10 times.

pax 3 firmware update

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