Lookah Load Cart Battery Not Working?

  • March 14 | Jeremy Lin

load lookah not working how to fix?

Tip 1 for load lookah not working:

The center contact point on the 510 thread may be pushed in too far and not making electric connection. You can try to pull out the center titty a little and it may fix your problem. You had to slightly pull up on the middle of the connector that connects to the cart. Probably screwed it in too tight or pushed it down while cleaning it. Be careful not to pop it all the way out though.

Tip 2 for load lookah not working

This can be done by using a hair dryer or by placing the cart in an airtight bag and submerging it in warm water.

Tip 3 for load lookah not working

Please check the thread on the device, and the cartridge is clean and making a good connection. The LOAD will auto-turn off after 60 minutes of not being used.

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