Does the Puffco Proxy Over Rated?

  • August 15 | Jeremy Lin

The Puffco Proxy modular vaporizer is a old-school dry pipe. There is a puffco 3d chamber at the top. It’s such an innovative part of cannabis technology, because glassblowers can make pieces that literally will fit onto this Proxy. The Puffco Proxy modular vaporizer already have some attachments and upgrades and different water pipes.


Innovative 3D Chamber

Fit different Water Pipes


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I LOVE MY PROXY, I wouldnt describe it as “rough” it packs a punch and it’s very smooth for me wit that Colorado rosin in it! I use the lowest heat setting and take rice sized dabs , these devices are not meant for finger nail sized dabs , this is my current preferred way to dab , it’s easy to pass this with a friend and make dabs social and get made medicated in public