Does Raise Tax to Prevent Teens from Vaping Make Sense?

  • March 25 | Jeremy Lin

First of all, this post focus on discuss Raise Vape Tax to Prevent Teens from Vaping. We 100% disagree teen to vaping or smoking. But we want to to figure out is there other way to handle this issues. As you know raise vaping tax, meaning all vapor have to pay more money to quit smoking, or you can’t find the best online vapor store any more. By the way, this news source kiro7, all rights belong it. If you have any other thought on it, pleas comment below.

Does Raise Tax to Prevent Teens from Vaping Make Sense?

A new Washington State Health Youth survey shows e-cigarettes and vaping are on the rise. Thirty-percent of high school seniors said they use vapor products, which is up from 20 percent in 2016.

State Rep. Gerry Pollet proposed the House Bill. He wants to see the numbers drop and believes a tax is the ticket.

Is Vaping cost cheaper than smoking?

“E-cigarettes and vaping products are dirt cheap, you won’t believe how cheap they are,” he said. “A pack of cigarettes in the state of Washington, on average, costs about a little more than $8. Vaping the same amount of nicotine will cost you about $2.”

Lawmakers believe the tax will drop youth vaping by 25 percent. Others find that hard to believe.

“This tax isn’t going to change where the kids are getting it or how they’re getting it, but it is going to change, in a negative way, the lives of a lot of shop owners and a lot of product users that are fully in compliance with the law,” said Music.

Pollet said the 60 percent tax would eventually raise as much $30 million per year. The money would be used to fund programs that work to prevent teens from vaping.

Original titile: Vape businesses, customers fear 60% tax

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