Discuss two devices: Suorin Air and Drop pod system

  • August 8 | Jeremy Lin

Today, we are going to discuss two devices: Suorin Air and Drop pod system. Those are the most popular vaporizer past year, but which one is your choice? And what’s the best option for beginners. Here we go, Suorin Air VS Drop.

Discuss two devices: Suorin Air and Drop pod system

As is the case with many of Suorin kits, both the Drop and the Air are stellar devices. Neither one is better than the other, rather each one serves a different purpose. Related post: Suorin drop blinking blue Troubleshoot

Both devices are automatic and have no buttons to press, so newcomers should be right at home with either device. If you’re looking for the perfect device for someone new to vaping, the Air is likely a better choice as it’s a standard tank design.

The Drop is great for those looking to experiment with flavors, thanks to its dual pod system. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad fit for newcomers, but sometimes too many choices can be a bad thing when you’re new.

For those of you concerned about a portable kit, both are crazy small and will fit in your pocket, no problem. The Air is going to be even slimmer, but don’t let that stop you from getting the drop if you’re concerned about size. The Drop is still super tiny.

Lastly, if you’re wanting to be subtle about your vaping, the Air is the way to go. It produces smaller clouds than the Drop, and it’s even smaller and subtler in its design.

The Suorin Drop

Suorin Drop Ultra Portable Pod System

The Suorin Drop is what most of us at MVG consider as the most stylish of the Suorin vapes. The tear drop design is easy to hold and the overall profile is slim.

At 310mAh, the battery life of the device is perfect for any night out or when you are relaxing at the house.

Also, if you are a mouth-to-lung vaper, the pod provides the tightest draw, making this the ideal device. With 2ml of capacity, the pods hold enough juice for those nightly vape sessions.

The Suorin Air

Suorin Air Ultra Portable Pod System

The Suorin Air is a slim and compact device that is great for portability. The size of the vape is slightly bigger than a credit card holder. Put it in any pocket, and the vape almost seamlessly blends in.

At 400mAh, the battery life of the device lasts longer than the Drop. For those longer outings, you may want to consider using an Air instead of a Drop. The Air also holds 2ml of vape juice.

In terms of vape quality, the Air provides a less restrictive draw. If the Drop’s draw is too tight for your liking, the Air may be just perfect.

Suorin Air vs. Suorin Drop – Performance

The main differences between the two devices (other than appearance) are the way they hit. The Suorin Drop definitely has a tighter, MTL draw. The Air (perhaps indicative of its name), has a slightly airier draw.

  • Both the devices are pod-based.
  • They are designed by Goldreams Technology and manufactured by Foxconn.
  • Both of them play well with nicotine salt.
  • They are perfect for discrete vaping.
  • Both the devices need micro USB chargers and they take about 30 to 40 minutes to get fully charged.
  • They have 2ml e-liquid capacity
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