The Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod is now capable of precise voltage adjustment

  • February 25 | Jeremy Lin

The UNI Pro takes all the best things about the UNI and Yocan engineering team enhances them. 

Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod is the upgraded version of Yocan UNI. It features universal compatibility with all kinds of vape cartridges

The Yocan UNI Pro will let you adjust the height of any oil vape cartridge. Plus the adjustable vape atomizer holder fitting different diameters.

The Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod is now capable of precise voltage adjustment. It takes all of the great features of the original UNI and adds a few more to make it even better. 

The Yocan UNI Box Mod is now capable of precise voltage adjustment

Main Features:

  • Upgraded version of Yocan UNI
  • Adjustable height of vape cartridge
  • Fit different diameters atomizers (<14MM)
  • Precise voltage adjustment (by 0.1v)

If you want to test this vape mod, please contact us.

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What is the best performance & compact rig device: Randy’s Grip Or Yocan Falcon?

  • February 23 | Jeremy Lin

Randy’s Grip vs Yocan Falcon, which dab pen is the best choice in 2021 vaporizer market. Read on and find out the answer.

Randy’s Grip Concentrate Vaporizer

Randy's Grip Concentrate Vaporizer

Randy’s has recently released the newly-created Grip, which is a portable, stylish, and functional electric dab rig that can be used just about anywhere!

The Randy’s Grip concentrate vaporizer is an innovative, portable, user-friendly experience. With a fun-to-use yet ergonomic design, the Grip is easy and satisfying to utilize for any level of vape enthusiast. This concentrate vape boasts an exceptional battery life; perfect for a party or backyard.

Main Features:

Single Button Operation
Adjustable Voltage Options – 3.3v, 3.45v, 4.2v
Glass Carb Cap with Built In Scoop Tool
1350mah Battery Capacity
Rapid 10 Second Preheat
USB-C Charging

Yocan Falcon 6 in 1 Vaporizer Kit

Yocan is a brand that loves to redesign vaporizers and reinvent the way we see vaping, whether it’s consuming wax concentrates or dry herb strains.

Yocan Falcon multi-functional vaporizer device

The technology behind the Falcon is advanced compared to other vaporizers on the market. Yocan Falcon Vaporizer comes with XTAL tip for concentrate lovers.

Main Features:

1000mAh Battery Capacity
5 clicks to lock/unlock
3 quick clicks to select heat settings (3.2v, 3.7v and 4.2v)
3 Coil Options ( QTC coil, Pancake coil and XTAL tip)
6 Ways to Use Falcon
5 Stylish Colors Available
Ergonomic Design
10 Seconds Preheat Function
Hand Made Top Airflow Glass
Built-in Metal Jar
USB-C Fast Charging Feature
Smart E-rig Portable Vaporizer


Randy’s Grip Concentrate Vaporizer Built-in 1350mAh, and approx 27 sessions per charge.

Yocan Falcon Vaporizer features a powerful 1000mAh battery that works with a multitude of burner including the most recent quartz tri coil for wax focuses and also pancake coil for dry herbs. You can additionally utilize Yocan’s proprietary XTAL Coils which gives you more satisfying hits.

If you want to a bigger battery dap pen, the Randy’s Grip Concentrate Vaporizer is your device.


Randy’s Grip Concentrate Vaporizer is extremely comfortable to hold and use and the large battery will ensure 20+ sessions (depending on the temp setting you are using). Complete with a deep-dish ceramic coil, Glass Carb Cap & Tool, the Aqua Bubbler, and LED lights to display your current temperature, Randy’s truly thought of everything when designing the Grip Portable E-Rig Vaporizer. Ditch the torch, and get a Grip today!

The Yocan Falcon is the most advanced 6 in 1 vaporizer in the market today, gives you the best of what a vaporizer pen can do with its incredible multiple functions.

The future of vaping has arrived, in the form of the electric smart e-rig vaporizer, Yocan provide new product line Falcon vaporizer. No more wasting, now you can have vape rig performance in one compact device. The simplicity of Yocan Falcon vaporizer combined with strong, flavorful vapor production has led to a rise in the popularity of the modern smart rig.

If you want to a multiple dab pen battery, the Yocan Falcon is your choice.

How to use

Make sure the Randy’s Grip Concentrate Vaporizer is charged.

Turn it on (click button well 5 times) You have to pick your setting each time you smoke (click button well 3 times)
And then preheat it (clicking button 2 times) after the 20 seconds pass you can begin to lightly suck and spin your cap sometimes to help the flow, you’ll get some nice rips.

The Yocan Falcon is also an easy to use vape pen, similar with other Yocan device, just 5 clicks to turn it on, hold the fire button and enjoy your vaping.


What is the best performance & compact rig device? It’s depend on your need. If you want to multiple vaporizer, the Yocan Falcon is recommend.

How to Enter Yocan UNI S Vape Mod CNY Giveaway?

  • February 4 | Jeremy Lin

Are you looking for a stylish Yocan portable vaporizer that offers useful features in a compact design? Have a glance at Yocan UNI S vape mod CNY Giveaway.

The Yocan UNI S comes with 3 preset temperatures, and 5 unique colors to suit your style!⁠⁠⠀

Did we mention, a one-button design for simple, 10s preheat operation?

How to Enter Yocan UNI S Vape Mod CNY Giveaway 2021?

Main Features:

  • Voltage levels: 2.5 v, 3.0 v, and 3.5 v
  • Type-c charge port
  • Preheat function
  • Preheat voltage level: 1.8 v
  • Single button design
  • Zinc-alloy chassis construction

How to Enter Yocan UNI S Vape Mod CNY Giveaway?

Please check our latest blog on, 10 ways to enter this giveaway.Prize: Yocan UNI SWinner will be chosen on 23rd Feb, 2021 (GMT+8)The blog link is
Good luck.

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Puffco Peak Pro vs Yocan Falcon charger method Comparison

  • February 3 | Jeremy Lin

The Yocan Falcon Vs. Puffco Peak Pro charger method Comparison: Which Vaporizer is Superior? Read on and find out the answer.

If you have any questions about puffco peak pro wireless charger, or Yocan Falcon charger, please drop us a comment. Vape on.

How do I charge my Puffco Peak Pro?

You can also use the Peak Pro Power Dock to charge the device. The Power Dock is a wireless charger that provides a secure home-base for your Peak Pro. The Power Dock is a wireless charger that provides a secure home-base for your Peak Pro. It also acts a portable power bank that can charge your Peak or any other devices.

Can I Wireless Chager my Yocan Falcon?

The Yocan Falcon battery is a stout, built in 1000mAh cell that uses USB-C charging. Make sure that you have fully charged the Yocan Falcon Vaporizer before using it. But this item does not featured wireless charge. So, you can use a Qi wireless to charge this Yocan device.

The Yocan vape flash sale is coming

  • February 1 | Jeremy Lin

Yocan provides many great vape products for vape users. And the Yocan vape flash sale is coming. If you want to get a new vape item, here is your choice.

Yocan official store is an online vape store that serves the vaping community with premium vape mods, accessories & more.

Discount Code: SYOC

Time: Jan 5th – Feb 23th

Enter the coupon code SYOC at checkout and get 10% discount on Yocan Store.

Enter the coupon code SYOC at checkout and get 10% discount on Yocan Store.

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Just share it with us, we will make them into reality. 

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