What Are The Simple And Reliable Vape Pens To Buy In 2021: Vision Spinner 3 vs Yocan Regen?

  • March 14 | Jeremy Lin

Looking for a simple, reliable device to use with concentrate coils? This post will discuss two vaporizer pens: the Vision Spinner III and Yocan Regen dab pen. Which one is the best vape pen? Read on the find out the answer.

What’s Vision Spinner 3?

The Vision Spinner 3 eGo VV Battery is the latest version of popular Vision Spinner, coming with a 1600mAh.

Vision Spinner 3 eGo VV Battery

The Vision Spinner 3 is a slim, portable vape pen with a USB-C charging port and 1600mAh battery. Perfect for use with your favorite high-resistance tank or pre-filled cartridge, this battery works with any 510 threaded tank and coil over 0.8 ohms.

vision spinner 3 battery

The Vision Spinner 3 battery has a built-in 1500mAh battery, which can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. Crafted from zinc-alloy, the chassis of the Vision Spinner 3 is lightweight and portable, making it easy to bring around in a purse or pocket.

vision spinner 3 tank

The Vision Vapros Spinner 3 Tank is a newly-designed tank with 2ml juice capacity. Featuring the 1.2ohm ceramic coil and the 1.5ohm cotton coil. It is a great, easy, and convenient tank that’s used for freebase and salt nicotine E-liquid!

vision spinner 3 vs 2

The Vision Spinner 2 is a 1600mAh vape pen that you can connect to your favorite 510 or eGo threaded tank or pre-filled CBD vape cartridge.

Compared to the Vision Spinner 2, the only drawback of the Vision Spinner 3 is that it lacks the eGo threading of the previous-generation device and works with 510-threaded attachments only.

vision spinner 3 manual

How to turn it on/off?

5 clicks of the fire button in a row within 1.5 second.

how long does it take to charge a vision spinner? 1.5 hours

What’s Yocan Regen?

The Yocan Regen dab pen is designed with all your favorite features of a 510-threaded pen style device. It’s a on-the go vape pen: slim form factor and simple single-button functionality.

Yocan Regen Dab Pen

Upgraded from the Yocan Evolve Plus

The upgraded new features in the Yocan Regen dab pen adds several improvements over previous Evolve series devices, including three voltage options, a 0.8 ohm minimum resistance and the brand new preheat mode.

The Yocan Regen dab pen attaches easily to any 510-threaded tank. The single firing button can be used to activate your coil or will turn your Yocan Regen dab pen on and off with five clicks in under 2 seconds.

The additional preheat mode

The additional preheat mode of your Yocan Regen dab pen will continuously heating 10 seconds through your coil to warm up your concentrate. It is ideal for preheating thicker concentrate before you take a vape.

Yocan Regen dab pen Battery

To charge your Yocan Regen dab pen, just plug in the attached USB cord to your device and to a compatible wall adapter (no higher than 5V/2A). With an appropriate wall adapter the Yocan Regen dab pen can charge to full in as little as 60 minutes, though charging time will vary based on your adapter. With a 1100mAh built-in battery, the Yocan Regen dab pen can last all day with light to medium usage.

Yocan Regen dab pen with multiple standard protections

In addition to preheat mode, Yocan Regen dab pen outfits the device with several standard protections, including overcharge and short-circuit protections as well as an 15-second overheat protection that will cut off the device after 15 seconds of constant firing. The LED light on your battery will indicate low resistance and low voltage statuses as well as displaying your charge status.


  • 510 Threading to Tank
  • 3 Power Level Output: 3.0V, 3.5V, 4.2V
  • 5-Click On/Off
  • Single Firing Button
  • Pre-heating Button
  • Overheat Protection with 15 Second Cutoff
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • LED Battery Life Indicator
  • USB Charging Port

How to clean the Yocan Regen coil?

How to clean the Yocan Regen coil?

1-Use small amounts of material at a time and do not overload.
2-Gently dab the interior walls of the atomizer, and the coil, with a Q-tip with Isopropyl Alcohol(93% or higher), or Grain Alcohol.
3-Turn the unit upside down, and with the heat set to high, do dry burn offs of 3-6 seconds at a time.
4-Repeat step 2
5-If still not clean, place a sheet of aluminum foil over a baking pan and place on a stove top burner set to the lowest setting for about 5 minutes.
6-Use a pot holder or some protection to touch it (because it will be hot!!) and check the coil.
7-If necessary, place it back on the foil for another 5 minutes.
8-If there is material caked on the coil, repeat step 3/Burn off.
9-Place it back on the foil for another 5 minutes.


If you want to more voltage level, the vision spinner 3 is your vape. If you want to well-know brand, Yocan hit the concentrate market since 2013, and release so many vape pens in this section. The Yocan Regen Dab Pen is the last wax solution, it’s a nice choice for new users and advance vapers. Any questions about dab pen, please drop us a comment.

Introducing the UNI Twist Universal Portable Mod from Yocan Tech

  • March 9 | Jeremy Lin

Today we are going to introduce new vape mod from Yocan.

The Yocan UNI Twist Universal Portable Mod is an easily considered the most useful mod. It takes all the best things about the UNI and enhances them. Yocan UNI Twist has a dial built into the bottom of the device, you can customize your vapig experience from 1.8V to 4.2V.

Main Features:

  • Universal Portable Mod 
  • Diameters: 32.5x22x67mm
  • Patented Box Mod
  • 10sec preheat function
  • Voltage Range: 1.8V to 4.2V
  • small and discreet appearance
  • housed in solid quality Zinc Alloy shell
  • Fit ALL Kinds of Oil Atomizers
  • Built With Height Slider
  • Adjustable Diameter Dial Fitting Different Diameters
  • Built With Hanging Hole
  • Type-C Charging port
  • Discreet yet effective
  • Available In Many Colors

Learn more Yocan UNI Twist information, please visit Yocan.com official site.

Introducing the UNI Twist Universal Portable Mod from Yocan Tech

If you want to test or review this item, please fill out on Yocan.com/r

Which feature would you like in your next vaporizer?

  • March 3 | Jeremy Lin

Thanks for all Yocan fans.

Yocan is growing! We need your vape ideas.

We will create a new high-end product line, a vape device featured a display screen. Like a digital screen with the Yocan UNI Pro vape mod.

Yocan is growing! We need your vape ideas

Which features would you like with this new Yocan product?

Which feature would you like in your next vaporizer?

Here are some options:

1. Big battery capacity, more than 1000mAh?

2. Preheat Function

3. Type C Fast Charge

4. Temperature Control or preset voltage level?

5. Ceramic dish or Sic heat element

6. Water Filter Function

7. Or please kindly advise us other suggestions

Ask your vape friends and comment below.

If possible, please also kindly tell us why you need this feature.

Or shooting an email to yocantechnology@gmail.com

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